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Deliver Your Appreciation into
His/Her Palm, Pockets & Purse


Are You Looking for:

  • A perfect gift to express gratitude to your special someone?
  • Thoughtful performance award presents for your valued employees?
  • Impressive business gifts to your customers?
  • Effective mementos or commemoratives for your upcoming event or marketing campaign?
  • Enduring promotional goods that will remind the recipients of your company with a positive impression?


Giving a wonderful opportunity
For you and your organization
A genuinely appreciated product

Keys are an item used every single day. With a Never Lose Your Key™ key case, your special someone, clients or associates will think of you and your business every time they handle their keys.

The Never Lose Your Key™ key case is an effective gift to your special someone, your customers or employees.

Keys are a valuable item you want to carry securely all the time. With a Never Lose Your Key™ key case, you can impress your important someone, customers or employees.

The Never Lose Your Key™ key case is an
impressive gift because of its genuine quality. Your message will stay in his/her palm, pocket or purse for many years to come.

It will make an
enduring souvenir that will remind the recipients of your company and you in a positive way for many years to come.
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An example of embossing, our “Nature” logo inspired by the Eboshi-iwa Rock of Chigasaki  
Nature Logos  
The community of Chigasaki is well known for one of the most beautiful beaches in Japan. You see a large rock to the south. The rock has the shape of an Eboshi, a style of headgear worn by nobles in the Heian period, some 1,300 years ago. The Eboshi-iwa rock is a well-known symbol of Chigasaki.