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Welcome to YokoWill, the exclusive home of the genuine original Never Lose Your Key™ key case in the United States.

The meeting of YokoWill with Never Lose Your Key™ is the fruit of serendipity brought about by searching for the best possible product for a specific need.

In 2002, my husband and I were visiting my family in Japan. My family & I were committed to finding a nice souvenir for him – something attractive and practical. I knew that he was looking for a key case that didn’t have the flaws that had led him to abandon using key cases years before, so we embarked on a journey to search for a better key case. How many boutiques and the department stores in Tokyo I took him to investigate the available key cases… None of the key cases that we looked at met his approval….

Tokyo Metropolitan Shopping District
Yoko Shiratori
Yoko Shiratori

Prior to starting YokoWill, Yoko acquired extensive global business experience from working with organizations e.g., American President Lines, Goldman Sachs, Deutsche Bank and Dresdner Kleinwort Wasserstein. Yoko holds a master’s from University of Wisconsin-Madison, where she focused in Marketing Communication and Small Business & Entrepreneurship. She truly appreciates the opportunity of Bringing You World-Quality Products.

How lucky
I felt when we eventually located what he was looking for:Nature 5 Model Key Case the Never Lose Your Key™ Nature 5 model. At first sight, my husband could tell that this was a superior product, designed by someone who had experienced the same problems that he did with other key cases. The key hooks were firmly attached by a steel shaft, and the closing mechanism was strong, but simple to use. Since then, he has not spent a day without it.

Since there is a phrase “A Key to Happiness”, I thought the Never Lose Your Key™ key case is “A Key Case of Happiness.” The Never Lose Your Key™ key case has the look and feel of a premium key case. Each time you pick up your keys, you can feel the quality, and we are happy to share this positive energy with you. Isn’t it nice to feel “something peppy” every morning when you start your day, and “something comfy” every evening when you come home and unlock your door? Thanks to Mr. Sekiguchi and his company, we are able to introduce this key case to our American customers.

Key Case & Key to Happiness

Thundering Seas Jewelers
21 Kalanikoa Street #204
Hilo, HI 96720
(808) 961-0116

Key Case Gallery

Thundering Seas Jewelers is located at 421 Kalanikoa Street #204, Hilo, HI 96720. They are open Tuesday - Friday 9 a.m. - 5 p.m., and Saturdays 10 a.m. - 2 p.m.

Customer Feedback

Here is what our customers are saying about our Never Lose Your Key™ key case. Once again, thank you for contributing your feedback!

“Never had a key case before. I never thought a key case would be so convenient. This key case is my answer to carrying keys, including my car keys.”

"When I stay at a hotel, it is so easy to give my car key to the valet for
parking. I just unhook my car key and hand it to him."

“This is my 10th key case. I feel, finally, that I found the genuine and functional key case. Especially since my last one was fairly expensive, I was unhappy when a hook pulled out shortly after I started using it. I temporarily bundled the hook with a rubber band to hold my keys. When I found this key case, I found it every bit well designed and made. I am truly satisfied.” (Male, D.D.S.)

“I can find my keys much more easily. Most of all, my consciousness is increased by this attractive small leather accessory. The look & touch of the leather is very nice. This ensures that I will never lose my keys again!” (Male, Software)

“I gave this as a birthday present to a friend who is an attorney. He truly liked the feature that all his keys are wrapped safely as he goes through security screening every day.” (Female, Marketing)

“This key case holds a number of keys very well. It fits my husband’s suit neatly. I am free from worrying about wear and tear on the pockets of my husband’s garments any longer!” (Female, Housewife)

“I have been looking for the so-to-speak old-fashioned key case which can carry my regular keys and card-keys. No more mis-hap feeling like ”Oh my god! I forgot the card key…” Thank you!” (Male, IT, Financial)

“The hook is very sturdy although it looks thin & shiny. This is a beautiful key case.”

“I recently lost my file cabinet keys from my previous key case. I had to call a locksmith to open my file cabinets urgently as they were necessary for work. The price that I had to pay was significant. In an effort to keep this from happening again, I purchased the Never Lose Your Key™ key case. I finally got over my key-losing phobia, thanks to you! It is an amazing relief for me.” (Female, Research)

"I've been using this key case for 5 years and I can't imagine ever using another key case. I will buy another when the current one wears out (I don’t know when; as the leather is so good.)” (Male, Attorney)

“I have a condo in Chicago, three hours drive from home. I used to carry the set of keys to my condo separately from those of my home. How disappointing after the long drive, to find that I forgot to carry my condo keys! This is such a nice way to keep all my keys organized.” (Female, Executive)

"I purchased a Pendant for myself and later purchased another for my mother as a gift. We both find that it's very cute and practical. It fits nicely into my pockets and purses; and the lanyard makes accidental loss less likely.” (Female, Government)

“I love my key case more every day. I especially find it useful for traveling. This key case is compact, functional, fashionable and feels good!” (Female, Artist)

“My wife has been frustrated by the effort required to lend me her car key each time. Now she can easily release her key. So I can!”

“I am a building owner managing a lot of units. I found that this key case helps me stay organized.” (Male, Management & Realtor)

“My keys on a ring often used to get lost in the bottom of my bag. My keys in Never Lose Your Key™ key case show up easily. I find it very helpful outdoors in cold winter.” (Female, Marketing)

Clumsy in deep snow
My keys were lost until Spring
Never Lose Your Key™


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